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Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds for Your Hair

Fenugreek seeds originated in some parts of Asia and Europe but are now used throughout the world. 

While you can consume fenugreek, many people use this natural ingredient to help promote hair growth. Our SupHerb Hair Growth Oil is infused with fenugreek to help strengthen your roots.

Fenugreek is rich in a lot of nutrients that your hair thrives on! Nutrients like Vitamin B, Vitamin A, iron, and protein are present in fenugreek. All of those properties work together to reduce hair loss, prevent breakage by sealing in moisture, boost blood circulation on your scalp, and repair your hair strands by providing protein. 

Check out our herb-infused SupHerb Hair Growth Oil that contains fenugreek seeds and marshmallow root to get your hair to reach it's healthiest state!